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Autumn 2021

It's been another busy term for The MEA and we'd like to thank members for your support in the recent survey on declining numbers at GCSE and A' Level as well as your participation with the various events The MEA runs or has association with. It really shows what a collaborative, dynamic and committed network of educators we have in The MEA and we are grateful for your ongoing support and investment in media education.

Here's an update on our progress so far and a round up of events this term:

  • The State of Media and Film Studies 2021 Survey

Nearly 150 of you responded to our survey asking for your experience of and views on the declining numbers. A group from The MEA Executive committee has met to discuss the findings from this survey and we are now onto the next stage of our research which involves be conducting interviews with those members who said they were happy to be further involved. Watch this space!

  • The DCMS' Online Media Literacy Strategy 2021

Earlier this month we published our response to the strategy. Read it here.

  • MediaEduConnect Webinar Series

October also saw the inaugural MediaEduConnect webinar, the brainchild of Bethan Thomas, and supported by Dr Viki Walden, two of our MEA executive. MediaEduConnect is a series of free film and media studies CPD webinars. Designed to interest and support teachers outside the lines of the current film and media exam specifications, this event saw presentations from 4 practising teachers on a variety of topics such as 'Engagement in the Media Classroom' to 'News Values in a Digital Age'. Look at for future webinars and the launch of the MediaEduConnect podcast. In the meantime, follow the conversation on @mediaeduchat on Twitter.

  • Upcoming: Teachers Talking - Defining Media Studies , Education and Literacies

After the very successful unconference ' What Could Media Studies Be?', Dr Viki Walden and the steering committee is following this up with a series of discussions between a range of media educators on Sunday 31st October 2021. Outcomes of the discussions from those attending will be shared by The MEA after the event.

  • Books of Interest

Two books recently published by people with strong connections to the MEA may be of interest to readers:

MEA Executive Committee Chair Steve Connolly has written an account of the role that Media work has played in English over the last hundred years. "The Changing Role of Media in the English Curriculum" looks at the relationship between Media and English and considers where the two subjects are now. MEA members can get 20% off the cover price with the attached flier.

Download PDF • 2.04MB

Professor Andrew Burn has published "Literature, Videogames and Learning" which explores the connections between games and literature and the ways that understanding games can help us understand a range of literary texts more fully.

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