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New MEA Exec members wanted!

With some members of the MEA Exec Committee having moved on to pastures new, we are looking for two practising Media and/or Film teachers to join us in running the organisation. The Exec meets 5 or 6 times a year (sometimes online, sometimes in person) and is responsible for deciding how the MEA can best support teachers of Media Studies and Film Studies around the UK. Currently we are supporting projects which involve....

  • Developing resources to help with the teaching of "tricky" media topics

  • Getting media education back into the National Curriculum through work with parliamentary and other groups

  • Looking at the long-term reform of media and film qualifications so that they support a better quality of media education

  • Supporting teachers to write and publish their own research and practice from media classrooms all over the UK.

And much more! If you are a practising teacher of Media and/or Film Studies in a school or college, and you could give a small time commitment of around 1-2 hours per month, we would love to hear from you. Please email to get in touch or to find out more.

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