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Evaluating Media Literacy with a Theory Of Change

Last week saw Bournemouth University and the Media Literacy and Information Alliance (MILA) launch their Evaluating Media Literacy with a Theory of Change project at The English and Media Centre in London. It brought together media educators, journalists, librarians, representatives from Ofcom, representatives from The MEA and a range of other media literacy organisations in the UK.

Some very interesting and positive discussions took place and for those interested in finding out more, the theory of change and evaluation guidance + a video walkthrough are all available on the project website, including advice on how to use their approach together with the Ofcom toolkit.

The project report will be added shortly, including a summary of the launch's plenary discussion.

The project organisers are keen to get feed back on how the theory of change is being used so if you have been involved in any of the evaluations, used any of the materials in your work or would like to be talk to them about a new or existing media literacy project and activity with a view to using our theory of change, please let Professor Julian McDougall know via the feedback section on the project website.

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