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Contributors wanted for The MEA's takeover of NATE's Teaching English magazine

We are delighted to announce that next year the MEA will be taking over an issue of Teaching English, the magazine published by NATE The National Association for the Teaching of English (UK).In cooperation with NATE, our aim in doing this is to explore the links between Media Education and English. We already have a number of articles planned and commissioned, but we would really like to have contributions from our members who are teaching either or both subjects. Articles/topics we would be interested might include: 

  • Media in KS3 English

  • Innovative ways of teaching Literature Texts with media technologies

  • Teaching media and English texts that "belong" to students

  • Teaching set texts in English through film and other media 

  • Or any other topic that explores the connections between Media and English

Articles can be between 750 and 2, 500 words long, and you would need to have them submitted by June 2024. If you've never written for publication before, don't worry, we will be hosting some writing workshops in the Spring term to help people get their articles into shape. If you're interested, please DM us on X or Facebook or email

It would be great to hear from you! Look out for more information in the coming weeks and in the New Year.

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