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Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Despite the various challenges of lockdown, online teaching and, of course, Gavin Williamson threatening to reduce the funding for university courses such as Media, it has been a positive and active term for The MEA so far. In association with the University of Sussex, we supported ‘What Could Media Studies Be?’ event that took place on Saturday 13th February. Conference organiser Dr Victoria Grace Walden (Viki) wishes to share her thanks with all the speakers and the more than 150 participants that joined us for an international conference thinking about what media education currently is, and what it could be. There was so much to talk about and so little time, but we hope that it is only the beginning of fruitful collaborations and networking. She will be in touch soon with those who left their details. Recordings from the event will be published on this site in due course.

Viki says 'the day left me feeling a-buzz and inspired. We have only scratched the surface, but the day proved just how productive it can be to bring media educators together from across all sectors and a wide range of countries. With our subject once again facing existential threat, Saturday proved we can be a powerful force when we unite!'

The MEA will be looking at the issues that were discussed on the day and following these up. We also plan to hold our own conference later on in the year, so watch this space.


MediaMagazine Production Competition 2021

The MediaMagazine Production Competition 2021 is all about student creativity in these less than inspiring times - anything and everything produced during lockdown, whether at home, as part of NEA, an individual response or a shared project. No rules, no constraints - but nothing longer than 4 minutes. MediaMag can’t wait to see what arrives! Deadline is Friday 16th April.


@mediaeduchat is a networking opportunity on Twitter for anyone teaching or studying Film and Media - it takes place on a Wednesday at 8pm and covers a variety of topics. It you want to suggest or host a topic then get in touch using the Twitter handle! Off the back of this, Bethan Thomas, the teacher behind the Twitter account, is working on building a subject specific CPD programme for Film and Media teachers. This would be peer created and curated, and consist of mini recorded lecture style talks from 10-60 minutes long. The programme for the term would be shared in advance, videos collected from contributors and then put on an unlisted YouTube channel to be released at 10am on a Saturday, when they can then be accessed freely. These would be a mix of teaching approaches and enrichment lectures covering anything and everything from all levels of education.

David Buckingham’s blog continues to cover issues of interest to media teachers. Recent posts have focused on the ‘traditionalist’ turn in recent educational debate; the history of media education (and English); ‘decolonising the curriculum’; youth arts provision; and other issues. See: There are also some longer articles on the site at:

The MEA is always interested in blogs relating to media education so please get in touch if you would like yours featured. Please register to become a member and join our members’ page on Facebook.

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