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  • Join us for an exciting evening event at The English and Media Centre’s new premises in Waterloo. This is a great opportunity to share good practice, get some new ideas and meet like-minded Media Studies and Film Studies educators.

  • We are bringing together teachers from our EMC and Goldsmiths networks to share lesson ideas and resources. Maybe you want to see how other schools approach set texts, you might be stuck in a rut with your NEA or practical work or perhaps you’d like to see what other specs and courses look like in the classroom and talk to other teachers about media and film teaching in their schools.

  • We welcome presentations from teachers of all experience levels on any media and film related approaches that are working well in the classroom. Check out the website for more details and email if you'd like to present. This is a great thing to have on your CV and getting out of your school and participating in wider subject networks can only enhance your own practice and maybe lead to new opportunities.

  • Notes for speakers

  • Please plan to deliver between 8-10 minutes on a classroom approach that you are currently finding successful with one of your classes.

  • We welcome presenters from across the full range of course: GCSE, AL and vocational media and film courses.

  • Presentations need to be submitted by May 13th plus any video content you might want to show as separate video files.

  • Please contact for more details or if you have any questions

Book your free place here

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