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Diversifying film and media studies

Alongside partners Into Film and the Cultural Learning Alliance, The BFI is bringing together teachers and wider stakeholders to help diversify content supporting GCSE and A-level film studies.

Across the autumn term of 2021, the BFI are planning a series of roundtable seminars to identify concrete actions that will promote diversity in film education:

  • 30 September: Pedagogy for Diversity: how should we change teaching and learning?

  • 14 October: Access to Diverse Film Content and People: exploring an expanded view of the production, distribution and exhibition industries

  • 4 November: Curriculum: how can we reshape curriculum to take advantage of new pedagogies and industry support?

  • 25 November: Institutions: how might supporting organisations like BFI, Into Film and others revise what they currently offer?

Each seminar will run for an hour at 4.30pm on Zoom, and will feature some input to start the discussion. Register here for the sessions.

The BFI are especially keen to involve teachers who come from ethnically diverse backgrounds.

If you are not able to attend (and even if you are), they are are setting up Google Forms to solicit ideas, suggestions and proposals around each seminar theme. These will be available shortly.

Following the seminars, The BFI will compile a set of outcomes, resources and proposals, and publish them on their and their partners’ webpages.

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