New Film and Media VLE… on your students’ phones!

A new App-centric VLE for Film and Media Students at GCSE and A-Level was brought to our attention recently. It is being used by the BFI, Raindance Filmschool and a handful of early-adopters in London secondary schools with encouraging early reports.

Quickclass is downloadable for iOS and Android, and teachers can simply register and manage their classes at The platform shares all your courses’ media, including reference films you upload and manage, as well as students’ own clips. Students can then watch, rate and comment on all clips through their smartphones.

Quickclass also includes 80 Tutorials with in-app testing and digital Badges for accreditation. A class-wide Message Board and Calendars allow teachers to increasingly manage all their courses’ knowledge through encrypted, ad-free and privacy-assured Apps and an intuitive Web interface.

Early adopter Phil Dyas, Head of Film and Director of Learning at Dunraven School reports: “Quickclass is a very powerful tool which makes it a lot easier for Media teachers to adopt flipped classroom strategies. I look forward to the steady flow of new tools and features on the platform, many of which are the direct results of my and my students’ feedback to the software’s creators. Quickclass has the potential to genuinely boost how I share and help my students learn.”

Quickclass is available to subscribe for £1/student/month or £10/year, the first month is free to try out at