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MEA Conference Nov 26


The conference is cancelled due to lack of ticket sales. All ticket purchases will be refunded. We apologise for the inconvenience.



Welcome to the new term!

A reminder of our upcoming teachmeets for the next three tuesdays at the English and Media Centre- all welcome, book through Eventbrite- all links here

Tuesday 4 October:

WHAT DO YOUR STUDENTS ALREADY KNOW ABOUT MOVIES* AND WHEN DID THEY LEARN IT? – Cary Bazalgette talks about her research on young children and moving image media

Tuesday 11 October: David Buckingham on the process of reform for Media and Film Studies GCSE and A-level

All events at the English and Media Centre London N1 2UN, start at 4.30 with free drinks and talks begin at 5.30, end 6.30. All free, all welcome, but please book through Eventbrite.

We commissioned Dr.Steve Connolly, from the University of Bedfordshire, to report on the draft specifications for Film and Media at GCSE and A level for first teaching in Sept 2017. His report can be downloaded here: report-on-draft-specsmea and we would welcome debate about his findings via the forum here.

It is important to note that all the specifications are drafts and subject to Ofqual feedback followed by amendments (which could still be quite big!) over the coming months. Steve’s report is based on what is currently on each board’s website and teachers are urged to read and compare the specifications for themselves- you may well come to very different conclusions to Steve! He will update his report later in the academic year when final versions are accredited.


Please note that where exam boards or others point out any factual errors in the report we have amended them, so we will note here any updated versions of the report.

1st update September 14th- amendments on page 9 re OCR Film Studies.

2nd update September 15th amendments on page 20 re WJEC Media A/AS

3rd update September 16th amendments to WJEC Film Studies p. 4 and 7


Additional resources from the research of students on the Media with English PGCE at the EMC and Goldsmiths is available on their collaborative blog at

Not all information has been checked for errors, but they have tried to work through all the specs and make sense of what is in them! Thanks to the group for their boundless enthusiasm and capacity for hard work- they will be looking for jobs next spring and will be an asset to your schools.



DRAFT SPECS and Upcoming events!

DRAFT A level and GCSE specifications and specimen assessment materials for both Film Studies and Media Studies are now online; these drafts went to Ofqual earlier this week and the exam boards expect to hear back with any changes requested in September (for Film) and October (for Media). The MEA has asked Steve Connolly, from Bedfordshire University, to produce an independent comparison of all the draft specs and we will publish his findings in September, ahead of any ofqual feedback!

Meanwhile, we suggest you download the PDFs and mull them over on the beach! Enjoy…

AQA material is here:

Eduqas (WJEC) material is here:

OCR material is here:


MEA Conference- Call for workshop leaders!

If you have done some interesting media education work with classes in KS2 or 3, we’d love to hear from you! We are hoping to get practitioners to run sessions at the conference on 26 Nov where they talk us through interesting work that they have done to help inspire other teachers to give it a try! e-mail to offer your services!


MEA Conference: KS2/3 media education 26 November 2016 BFI South Bank- tickets available here:

Tuesday teachmeets September-October at the EMC- FREE! Tickets available here:

Sept 13 Jenny Grahame

Sept 20 former PGCE students

Sept 27 Book launch: Doing Text

Oct 4 Cary Bazalgette

Oct 11 David Buckingham



Some success!

Following our campaign to get everyone to respond to the recent Ofqual consultation on coursework, we are pleased to report that nearly 200 of you did so and it seems to have had some influence!

Full details can be found here:  but the headline is that Ofqual say

“As a result of the significant feedback on our proposals, we have decided not to impose release dates for non-exam assessment tasks in GCSE, AS or A level film studies or media studies.

Instead, we are giving exam boards flexibility to take a different approach, provided they can demonstrate that their assessments will function well and meet all the relevant requirements set out in our General Conditions of Recognition. We are introducing guidance for GCSE, AS and A level film studies and media studies which highlights this expectation.

We have also made some minor drafting changes to our guidance on assessment objectives to ensure consistency with other subjects, and (for A level media studies) to avoid any confusion about how students should be expected to engage with academic theories.”

Essentially this means that they have taken some notice! If you read the report, you may well see (as we did) some of your words quoted.

The next step involves the exam boards finalising the specifications they have been writing and submitting them to Ofqual in mid-July. These draft specs will be published on exam board websites, but experience tells us that ofqual generally reject the first drafts (only 2 out of 300 specs have gone through on their first draft!) so don’t take what appears on those websites as the final versions. MEA will try to keep you updated on the process.


Don’t forget, there will be another MEA tuesday teachmeet on 14 June at the EMC: all welcome- book here for FREE


Our friends at NATE have asked us to publicise their conference which takes place at the newly refurbished Holiday Inn in Stratford-Upon-Avon on the 24th and 25th June 2016.

 The Conference will cover a variety of topics surrounding this year’s theme “All the World’s a Classroom”, and promises to be an unmissable event for those involved in the teaching of English, and we are expecting the 2016 Conference to have in excess of 400 attendees. We have a variety of speakers such as Chris Riddell; John Hegley; Tessa Hadley; Rob Auton; Emma Smith, and workshops covering all aspects of teaching English – whether in primary, secondary or beyond. (There will be lots of Shakespeare related content too!)