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The next meeting of the MEA Executive group

The next meeting of the MEA Executive group will take place on Tuesday 25th September at 5-7pm at The English and Media Centre. Click here for the minutes of the last meeting.



MEA Meeting, 17/07/2018 – Minutes

Held at The English and Media Centre


from Michelle Cannon, Rebecca Morris, Jon Wardle, Graham Panton, Sarah Webster and Oli Rosen.

Minutes of the last meeting

JP gave a brief summary of the MEA AGM Minutes which set the ‘scene’ for the main discussion points of this meeting which I have tried to capture.

Formation of the Executive, specific roles, and the MEA offer

SQ discussed potential roles within the exec and also made clear that all executive meeting are open to all members and people may wish to do ad hoc tasks for the MEA or shadow roles.

Potential Roles
  • Chair – John Potter (but happy to stand down/ offer support to an incoming chair)
  • Vice Chair- Jenny Grahame
  • Secretary – Melissa Lowndes
  • Treasurer – Symon Quy
  • Research – Steve Connelly
  • Comms/ Website – Michelle Thomason and Andy Phillipson
  • Exam Board Liason across all exam boards – Graham Panton (absent)
  • Regional Groups ( pilot Wales)- Sarah Webster (absent)

Maintenance of the MEA website and communications

A detailed exploration of the role of social media presence and the website was had. It was agreed that the website needed a redesign taking into account its purpose. The potential for curation of the various Facebook groups related to exam boards was explored. It was decided that we needed to find out who the membership were online. There was also potential for a scoping exercise for re-design and hosting.

Future strategy


  • Research
    • Steve Connelly talked about a range of ideas:
      • Reporting cutting edge research
      • Collating info from different sites
      • A portal or link
      • Regional groups
      • A framework for media
  • National and International links
    • We have had enquiries from other subject organisations
    • IAME have asked us to affiliate with them and it was agreed we would
  • Partnership in events
    • Link with existing activities but with MEA branding input, etc:
      • Ofcom DB and JM
      • American Embassy
      • IB
      • Community Media Association
      • British educational research association
      • Focus on getting media back into English ( work with NATE) #mediainenglish
      • UKLA
      • Digital Literacy SIG
      • Grassroots – media undergraduates in schools
  • Other ideas
    • Grow web presence
    • Be transparent about the re-launch
    • Carry out some research into the MEA member
    • Seek funding – bidding and running events for profit
    • Provision for regional seminars
    • Alternate weekday/ weekend MEA meetings

Finances (Symon Quy)

SQ outlined the current finances which stand at just under £9000. Expenditure is less than a £1000 a year which predominantly covers funding for catering at meetings, TeachMeets and the website domain and hosting costs. Symon has now changed the signatories over as the new treasurer and is in the process of tidying up the names on the account.

Action Points

SQ to scope website redesign and relaunch
JP to arrange for MEA to affiliate to LAME
SC – explore BARE
MT and AP – explore twitter and facebook group traffic for exam boards and MEA Twitter feed.
JG- Investigate who has the twitter password for MEA
ML – to start a doodle poll for the next meeting

Twitter Handles



AGM of the MEA 2018 – Minutes

Held Saturday 12th May 2018 11.30

Apologies: Kate Domaille, Stephen Connolly, Ian Wall.
John Potter, Jenny Grahame, David Buckingham, Symon Quy, Michelle Cannon, Melissa Lowndes, Graham Panton, Theo Bryer, Oliver Rosen, Phil Dyas, Sarah Webster, Michelle Thomason, Nidhi Shukal, Phillip Donnelly, Emily, Sarah.

  1. Trustee Report and Finances: John Potter talked through the pre-circulated report and highlighted the current finances. Signing of the report was proposed by Jenny Grahame and seconded by Melissa Lowndes
  2. Minutes from 2017 AGM: John Potter (JP) discussed the 2017 AGM very briefly but explained the minutes could not be located.
  3. Resignations and positions on the executive: A number of people have resigned from the Executive, leaving opportunities for the recruitment of new executive members.
  4. Where we’ve been… Jenny Grahame (JG) gave a really interesting summary of the history of the MEA and of key points in UK media education’s development. A number of the members at the meeting felt JG needed to formally archive this information. It gave great context to the current and historical debates around a subject association for Media teachers.
  5. Where do we want to go? (discussion and feedback): John Potter summarised Julian McDougall’s CEMP research into Media teachers’ requirements of a subject association. He summarised this into a number of key areas which attendees used to discuss the potential future role(s) of the MEA. A summary of the issues raised is captured below.
    • Links with Industry
      • Speakers/ Aspirational role models
      • Industry practice
      • Using in kind – locations, skills etc
    • Primary Links/ Provision
      • Media Provision in Primary School
      • Primary CPD/ Schemes of Work
    • Global Links
      • Pooling global minds/ perspectives
      • Understanding different practice
      • Links to other relevant subject associations
    • Student Focus
      • Media and Additional Need Students
      • Student P.O.V
      • Overall School/ Industry/ University perspective of Media students
      • Facilitate – Undergraduate media students to have a role in schools
    • Nature of the Association
      • All through organisation inclusive – Rationale for all
      • Continue to have free membership
      • If Subscription – what could we offer? Reduced fees on conferences, additional material/ support
      • Tension between – What we could be doing and what we can do
    • CPD
      • Build relationships with media providers like edusites
      • Consider practicalities of teacher experience and lack of training
      • Theory
      • Practical
      • Brokerage with exam boards who cannot provide certain types of training or cannot get schools to pay for it
      • Lack of ability to have time off school
      • Professionalise CPD and media teaching
    • Face to Face
      • Teacher meets
      • Student meets
      • Conferences
      • Regions / Physical local need for teachers to be together and share good practice
    • Advocacy
      • Advocacy – LA/ Heads solutions of problems health and wellbeing plan across different key stages
      • Technology – NLC- Streaming/ screening shorts
      • Local champion programmes – showcasing good practice across the sector
      • Good News Stories – Ex Pupils with Media qualifications – where are they now
    • Resource/ Support
      • An online repository
      • Forums
      • Stronger communication
      • Facilitated sharing
  6. Proposed structure for governance: Symon Quy offered a guideline for potential roles within the MEA executive and requested anyone interested in a named role or who felt they would like to develop a new role should email their interest prior to the executive meeting on Tuesday 17th July 5 – 7pm. He also invited anyone who was still unsure about taking on a role but who was interested in being involved in the MEA come to the executive meeting which is an open meeting for all members.
  7. Arrangements for next Executive Meeting on Tuesday 17th July 5 – 7pm. An email will be sent to all members with the minutes of the AGM and details of the next meeting. If you are interested in attending this meeting, please contact



AGM of the MEA 2018 – Agenda

Date: Saturday 12th May 2018 11.30

Coffee will be available from 11.00am.
The meeting will end with light lunch at 1.30pm.


  1. Apologies
  2. Trustee Report and Finances — John Potter
  3. Minutes from 2017 AGM — John Potter
  4. Resignations and positions on the executive — John Potter
  5. Where we’ve been — Jenny Grahame
  6. Where do we want to go? (Discussion and Feedback) — John Potter
  7. Proposed structure for governance — Symon Quy
  8. Arrangements for next Executive Meeting on 17th July — Melissa Lowndes
  9. A.O.B.
  10. Lunch