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Report on CPD by Kate Domaille

MEA and Continued Professional Development

Summary of this paper

  • For discussion at Exec: What might MEA want to do in terms of  being a CPD advisor/provider?
  • In spite of real constraints with budgets and changes to the education agenda there is still a need for CPD for media teachers [1]
  • As the main subject association MEA could aim to be an expert in how CPD works for media teachers by ensuring awareness of education policy and taking a role in various groups (CfSA) that ensure information is up to date and relevant.
  • Rather than being a supplier of CPD, MEA should recommend CPD where this is available already with its partner organisations. However, it could have an advisory role in CPD and in accreditation issues, as well as continuing to develop some direct provision for new teachers in the New Voices annual event.
  • To achieve this MEA needs to engage in producing an outline to the area, this should be a new tab on the website for CPD which details a staged model for CPD and provides links to partner organisations training, research and support


The government White Paper (2010) gave notice of the coalition government’s intention to shift the training of teachers from HEIs to schools and this gave rise to a number of changes in training and development opportunities for teachers.

Non-priority subjects in ITT have been issued with cuts and the withdrawal of bursaries has furthered the difficulties for any would-be media teachers to follow a route through Initial Teacher Training. It is noted that a few places still exist at seven institutions and partnerships for 2012 entry (three of which combine Media with English as the lead subject). Bursaries for English are confined to £5k for those with a 2:1 (nb. Tuition fees for 2012 are in the region of £9k). There are no bursaries for candidates holding less than a 2:1. (more…)



Chair’s Report Summer 2012




It was with some reluctance that I took on the role of Chair of the association last summer after some arm twisting from fellow executive members. I made it clear that if I were to do it, I would not attempt to follow Cary’s example, as she is too hard an act to emulate! My proposals were to cut costs, not to worry about raising new funds at such a difficult time, to restructure the website, to work with other organisations in co-branding events and to initiate work on more grassroots activity. To these ends we agreed to engage the services of Kate Domaille to both organise a national event in February and to work on getting local groups started. At the same time, Jon Wardle agreed to take on the role of treasurer and we all decided to open up the executive meetings to all MEA members able to attend. I shall deal with each of the above changes in turn, to show how far we have made progress to date. (more…)




Council for Subject Associations AGM 17/4/2012

The MEA is a member of the council, along with 30 other subject associations. I attended the AGM today in London, which included presentations on the government’s plans for the curriculum and qualifications in England from Sue Hackman and Jacquie Spatcher from the DfE. In the afternoon, Professor Margaret Noble from the Teaching and Learning academy talked about the potential for accredited CPD in partnerships with subject associations. The CSFA has also been approached by the Schools Network, formerly SSAT, about collaborations in the future.

The messages from the DfE were not unexpected. The government was described as deregulatory and permissive, with a hands-off approach. Hmmmm.

The knowledge-based curriculum was suggested to be of interest to subject associations, but it was noted that the eBacc seems to have already had an impact upon take up of subjects at KS4. The new national curriculum should be in schools by September 2013 for first delivery Sept 2014. Meanwhile new A levels will be expected to be in place in September 2014. As one delegate pointed out, with so many schools becoming academies, it is not clear how much point there will be to the national curriculum by that stage. Gove is apparently quite happy for GCSE results to go down after the changes at KS4; GCSEs will be much harder.

Media education got one brief mention, but only to emphasise that the government  sees no value in it.

The possibility for CPD collaboration and accreditation was of interest to us and Kate Domaille will be following this up.



Executive Meeting Minutes (9th March 2012)

Minutes of Executive Meeting 9/3/2012 

  1. Apologies for absence
    Sue Ellis, Victoria Eames, Jon Wardle, Tim Brook and Sarah Mumford all sent apologies.
    Present: Pete Fraser, Jenny Grahame, Ian Wall, John Potter, Julian McDougall, Andy Wallis
  2. Minutes of last meeting
    Minutes were agreed. All matters arising are dealt with in the items below
  3. extending the contract for Kate Domaille
    It was proposed that we extend her time working for the MEA, to organize a further conference and to set up and administer further regional groups (target of ten). Agreed.
  4. current state of funds
    PF reported the current state of funds in the absence of Jon Wardle
    MEA account summary, as at 24th Feb :
    We have £30,899.40 in our account. We don’t have any outstanding receipts but we do have £1323 outstanding payments waiting to go out, including conference expenses, BFI share of profits and four local groups’ cheques.
    So at that point our balance will be  £29676.40 less expenses for the exec meeting.
    IW asked when the next audit is due. PF will check on dates and ensure the books are passed on to Merchants.
  5.  Simplifying the website
    PF reported that there had been some inexplicable recent problems, possibly due to the complex add-ons on the site. Since the original vision for the site, with lots of member contributions, had not materialsed, we discussed scaling down its complexity, by stripping out the forums and the ‘social media’ element. This could then leave the site more as an information portal for national and regional events plus anything resource wise that people were prepared to add. The mini newsletter is now frequent to drive traffic to the site. We agreed to explore the possibility of replacing the ‘social’ element with links to facebook and to enhance the twitter feed. The ability to still sign up for the site is crucial to build membership.
    IW suggested we use the TES and TeachIt forums to drive traffic to the site by flagging up available resources. PF will discuss with Matt and Kate.
  6. RE: New Voices and future events
    Time was allocated to discussion of the New Voices event. It was agreed that the event had been a great success in terms of numbers, profit and content. PF reported that our income from ticket sales was £2160, our expenses were £546, which includes all the speakers’ travel claimed, badges, catering and wine reception. BFI were happy with £500 for their cut, so profit for MEA was over £1000. No costing of Kate’s time was taken into account, however. We sold 72 tickets and had a further 26 non-paying attendees.
    We then discussed a proposal to hold another event in the summer at Bradford Museum, which we have costed and provisionally reserved. It was felt that the number of competing events at that time might impact upon numbers and that we should not rush into another full scale event. It was agreed to give further thought to this and to cancel the provisional reservation.
    JM proposed a new model for events, based on the model used by the HEA. This would involve schools/colleges or groups bidding for money to run a local event (maybe £1000+) under a set of conditions, which would include an MEA rep attending. All agreed this sounded a good idea- JM to draw up a detailed proposal of terms and conditions.
  7. Local groups: so far set up and £100 granted- Northants, West London, Oxford, Hants; money has also been awarded to AMES for an event- the local groups should all shortly have slots on the MEA site. Several others have made enquiries and been encouraged to bid. AW asked what groups had proposed to do- Kate to circulate the proposals received so far to all exec members.
  8. AOB
    The next newsletter should go out early next week – PF asked for items to include:

    1. CfSA– PF going to annual conference in April, MIC Euston; the agenda was briefly discussed.
    2. 22 March event– PF going as rep to Westminster Forum event on National Curriculum; agenda discussed.
    3. Exec membership: AW first attendee under new open exec policy; others have expressed interest in attending. We discussed whether we should remove some old members from the exec and agreed that in view of lack of response to e-mails from some exec members they will be considered to have resigned.
    4. Book reviews: PF has distributed about 6 books from Auteur for review, which should be on the site mid March.
    5. Film education policy: IW reported on the recent 21st century Literacy meeting and the BFI funding proposal. The strategy office will be organizing a symposium on the issue to bring together ideas. MEA to publicise via site and newsletter.