He Named Me Malala

To celebrate the cinema release of the powerful and engaging education-focused documentary film, He Named Me Malala, this autumn, Into Film is launching Malala Youth Voice – a new set of free cross-curricular resources for students aged 13 to 19.

The programme, which will be ready for teachers to use from September, will help them to bring citizenship, PSHE, English and media studies to life for students, and develop their confidence, public speaking and campaigning skills. Participating students will be inspired by Malala’s belief that one person can make a difference, becoming active citizens who speak up on the issues that matter to them the most.

In addition, Into Film is offering teachers an exciting opportunity to attend an exclusive free preview screening of He Named Me Malala on 15 September. If you haven’t seen the moving trailer yet, watch it here.



Into Film Festival 2015

Have you heard about the Into Film Festival – the world’s largest free film and education event for schools and 5 – 19 year olds across the UK, taking place from 4 – 20 November 2015?

The Festival programme supports teachers in delivering the curriculum, across subject areas, in a dynamic and engaging way. It offers all young people wider life experiences and the chance to immerse themselves in the magic of cinema.

Attendees will have access to over 2,500 free, curricula-linked events, including:

• A cinema screening programme of 150+ film choices
• SEN-accessible screenings
• Live satellite linked events
• Industry meet and greets
• Special speaker and Q&A sessions
• Career information sessions
• Filmmaking workshops
• Masterclasses

Free resources
Education resources that support the delivery of the curriculum will be available for free download, to ensure your experience at the Festival is not only fun but provides learning outcomes too. They’ll let you know more about these closer to the time.

Make a booking
With over 520 venues signed up there’s guaranteed to be some events near you! Bookings open early in September with places available on a first come, first served basis.

Register your interest today for the latest news and to be amongst the first to know when bookings go live. You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
In the meantime, add the Festival dates of 4 – 20 November 2015 to your diary!



MEA executive minutes 17 Feb 2015

Minutes of MEA Executive Meeting –

Pete Fraser
Jenny Grahame
David Buckingham
Ian Wall
Jon Potter
Melissa Lowndes
Philip Dyas
Julian McDougall
Jon Wardle
Kate Domaille
Matters Arising Previous MEA Meeting Minutes

1. minutes of last meeting/matters arising –
minutes of the AGM were agreed. All matters arising dealt with below.
2. CFSA membership-
JP and JG attended previous CFSA events. They didn’t feel there was much to gain from our membership but it was agreed that the mea would keep the overall membership of the organisation under review.
3. Accounts for 2014 and annual report draft –
accounts were discussed for the year .Total expenditure for the year was £5,990.91 with income of £1177.36. The association has a healthy balance which will enable it to continue for a number of years at the current rate of expenditure. It was felt the email newsletter was working well with a click through rate which is high for this form of communication.

We made some minor amendments to the trustees report and then had a lengthy discussion about the value of the annual conference, given its low attendance and loss of money. We felt that a better model than the workshop-driven event might be something similar to the 2011 Manifesto event, with a theme and panels and interaction from the floor. A theme such as ‘creativity’ or ‘digital learning’ or even critiquing the ‘internet safety’ agenda might gather a diverse audience. RIBA and Tate Modern were suggested as venues. A second event for Primary was proposed in partnership with the Sheffield Children’s Media Conference and JP agreed to discuss the possibility of this with Becky Parry.

There was also some discussion of the progress of teacher networks and Philip offered to set up a South London group.

4. latest of Ofqual reforms –
PF outlined the latest on Ofqual reforms, mainly focusing on the document we prepared in support of retaining Film as a separate subject as part of the submissions which the exam boards had to make this month. We also had some discussion of the closure of subjects by exam boards, notably AQAs Communications and Culture.

5. Autumn teachmeets proposal –
PF proposed a series of ‘teachmeet’ style meetings for Sept/Oct at EMC to tie in with the new PGCE Media with English. These would feature a guest speaker (JG and JMcD have already agreed to do one each) and an invitation to partner schools and the wider MEA membership to attend, with wine and nibbles. There would be a guaranteed audience (PGCE students) and hopefully some regularity to it would bolster MEA member attendance. This was agreed.

6. AOB. There was some discussion about the progress made by Into Film and the BFI strategy.



Recent links sent to MEA

1. Jorge Marinho asked us to link to two of his articles from his website:

«Edutainment: Featuring Youtube» –

«Analysing American Journalism: 21st Century Challenges» –

If you’d like to contribute to his site, please e-mail him:



2. and via Mark Reid at the BFI, a request for participation in research on the use of films in education:

I’m wondering if you might be able to help with a request I’ve had from a colleague in the Autonomous University of Barcelona (AUB) about some research they are leading for the FilmED consortium ( The consortium is led by Jose Manuel Perez Tornero and includes AUB, the Think Tank on European Film and Film Policy, CUMEDIAE and AEDE.

They are conducting some Europe-wide research on ‘FilmEd – Showing films and other audiovisual content in European schools: Obstacles and best practices’ which aims to analyse the use of cinema and other audiovisual content in European schools, with a view to making recommendations to the European Commission.

As part of the project they want teachers and School Heads to complete an online survey. They launched the survey a number of months ago but have had a poor response rate from the UK and I believe the survey is going to close soon.

This is the link:

Many thanks

:: Martina Chapman

Director, Mercury Insights Ltd.

Faculty Member, EBU Academy