MEA Executive minutes March 10 2016

1. Minutes agreed from previous meeting.

2. Accounts 2015: £14k in bank balance. Very few transactions. Key expenditure items: auditor and insurance. Money in from primary conference via Eventbrite £571.92. The Chair to remain, accounts to be returned to companies house and the charity commission. Trustees report agreed.

3. Copyright user portal – Julien McDougall requested to use the mea network to promote a free event at Bournemouth University about the Copyright User Portal. This was agreed by the Exec.

4. Doing text – Julien McDougall has funding to put on an event for a teachmeet at the EMC about studying texts without the boundaries of subjects. Further details will be publicised nearer to the time. Exec agreed to organise.

5. Ofqual Consultation -Publicised via EMC, MEA Newsletter and email to encourage media and film teachers to take part in the second consultation about NEA. Pete Fraser has drawn attention to key areas and will draft some key responses. Pete to talk briefly at the OCR conference for the MEA about recent changes.

6. Future Developments – David Buckingham made a suggestion that the MEA potentially create a free resource for informed, academic, accessible media critique for A-Level and undergraduate students. 1000 word blog post. A potential vehicle for publishing undergraduate critique potentially £200 prize and top ten published online. Something along the lines of ‘everyday sociology’, ‘ the conversation’, ‘ the disclaimer’, ‘byline’. A site for public media. Employ someone two days a week – social media, editing, posting for a set amount of time. Then do a feasibility study. Potential sponsorship – Ofcom, media smarts. Interview noted media theorists. Making academic stuff accessible to A-Level students. David Buckingham to investigate potential funding.

Teachmeets will happen again in the autumn; Melissa Lowndes made the suggestion to Skype or live stream for non-London members.

MEA Primary conference was successful. John Potter to explore running an 8 – 14 media curriculum conference at the BFI for the last weekend in November. Some suggestions for improvements – run workshop sessions twice or a shorter keynote. Potentially a shorter lunch. continue to expand the reach to Trainee Teachers.

7. AOB – Invite to consultation on Film Forever 2 at the BFI – Jenny Grahame and David Buckingham said they would attend.



New Film and Media VLE… on your students’ phones!

A new App-centric VLE for Film and Media Students at GCSE and A-Level was brought to our attention recently. It is being used by the BFI, Raindance Filmschool and a handful of early-adopters in London secondary schools with encouraging early reports.

Quickclass is downloadable for iOS and Android, and teachers can simply register and manage their classes at The platform shares all your courses’ media, including reference films you upload and manage, as well as students’ own clips. Students can then watch, rate and comment on all clips through their smartphones.

Quickclass also includes 80 Tutorials with in-app testing and digital Badges for accreditation. A class-wide Message Board and Calendars allow teachers to increasingly manage all their courses’ knowledge through encrypted, ad-free and privacy-assured Apps and an intuitive Web interface.

Early adopter Phil Dyas, Head of Film and Director of Learning at Dunraven School reports: “Quickclass is a very powerful tool which makes it a lot easier for Media teachers to adopt flipped classroom strategies. I look forward to the steady flow of new tools and features on the platform, many of which are the direct results of my and my students’ feedback to the software’s creators. Quickclass has the potential to genuinely boost how I share and help my students learn.”

Quickclass is available to subscribe for £1/student/month or £10/year, the first month is free to try out at



He Named Me Malala

To celebrate the cinema release of the powerful and engaging education-focused documentary film, He Named Me Malala, this autumn, Into Film is launching Malala Youth Voice – a new set of free cross-curricular resources for students aged 13 to 19.

The programme, which will be ready for teachers to use from September, will help them to bring citizenship, PSHE, English and media studies to life for students, and develop their confidence, public speaking and campaigning skills. Participating students will be inspired by Malala’s belief that one person can make a difference, becoming active citizens who speak up on the issues that matter to them the most.

In addition, Into Film is offering teachers an exciting opportunity to attend an exclusive free preview screening of He Named Me Malala on 15 September. If you haven’t seen the moving trailer yet, watch it here.



Into Film Festival 2015

Have you heard about the Into Film Festival – the world’s largest free film and education event for schools and 5 – 19 year olds across the UK, taking place from 4 – 20 November 2015?

The Festival programme supports teachers in delivering the curriculum, across subject areas, in a dynamic and engaging way. It offers all young people wider life experiences and the chance to immerse themselves in the magic of cinema.

Attendees will have access to over 2,500 free, curricula-linked events, including:

• A cinema screening programme of 150+ film choices
• SEN-accessible screenings
• Live satellite linked events
• Industry meet and greets
• Special speaker and Q&A sessions
• Career information sessions
• Filmmaking workshops
• Masterclasses

Free resources
Education resources that support the delivery of the curriculum will be available for free download, to ensure your experience at the Festival is not only fun but provides learning outcomes too. They’ll let you know more about these closer to the time.

Make a booking
With over 520 venues signed up there’s guaranteed to be some events near you! Bookings open early in September with places available on a first come, first served basis.

Register your interest today for the latest news and to be amongst the first to know when bookings go live. You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
In the meantime, add the Festival dates of 4 – 20 November 2015 to your diary!