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Update on new specs

UPDATE: OCR GCSE Media was accredited on July 13th.

We had been hoping to have more news on accreditations by now, but the wheels continue to turn slowly. AQA and OCR have still apparently not submitted their fourth drafts of A level, while it looks as if AQA’s fourth draft of AS must have been rejected, as the Ofqual site now says ‘awaiting fifth submission’. OCR put in their sixth version of GCSE last Friday and AQA’s sixth is apparently almost ready. The word from both boards on GCSE is that they are confident this will be the version to get through, and that it will be before the holiday. A level is increasingly likely to be delayed into August- if it gets through at all.

OCR announced last week that it is withdrawing GCSE Film Studies due to too few centres signing up. We are told that if there were to be a dramatic rush of schools saying they want to do the specification after all, then OCR would re-consider, so if you do want to protest about this or to tell them that you intended to do it but hadn’t signed up, e-mail sharpish! Paul Reeve, the boss of Into Film, has already contacted us to express his concern at losing that GCSE option, so it has not gone unnoticed.

If there is any news before the end of term, we’ll send it out.