News Archive December 2016

Meccsa video about Media Studies

The H.E. subject association, MECCSA, has recently invested in a video to promote the subject area to potential students. You may find it useful! We think it’s pretty good:

Reformed qualifications- latest news

It comes at a time when the subject is under increasing threat in schools and colleges of course. From our investigations, here is an update on where we believe the different exam boards are with their drafts of new specifications:

Film Studies

OCR is resubmitting GCSE, AS and A level film in the week before Christmas and are confident of accreditation.
WJEC Eduqas is also resubmitting AS and A level in the week before Christmas and is likewise confident of success.
WJEC Eduqas has been accredited for GCSE Film.

Media Studies

GCSE second drafts have been submitted by OCR and WJEC Eduqas and the second draft from AQA is due in on December 19th. Feedback from Ofqual is due within 40 days of submission, so it is likely to be after Christmas before they hear back.

AS and A level second submissions were made by OCR in mid-November and by WJEC Eduqas in early December. The AQA second submission is due on 19 December. Again, Ofqual feedback is awaited.

We will keep you posted as to outcomes, but our advice at this stage is not to make any decisions for September 2017 as the only specification so far accredited is the WJEC Eduqas Film GCSE. All other material found on exam board websites is subject to change and the change could yet be quite radical dependent upon Ofqual feedback.