News Archive April 2016

Upcoming events!

1.FREE teacher development event in Bournemouth for MEA members:

Teaching Copyright for Critical Perspectives

8th July 2016, Bournemouth University

This free event includes overnight stay in Bournemouth and an evening meal with the Research Team on 7th July 2016<>  is an online resource, based on extensive research into the changing nature of copyright in the online age. The resource aims at making UK copyright law accessible to creators, users, teachers and students amongst others.

A set of educational resources are available on the site, tailored for students working on the Contemporary Media Regulation topic for the OCR G325 exam, but also relevant for all the other topics, including Media in the Online Age, We Media and Democracy and Postmodern Media.

MEA members are invited to take part in a FREE teacher event at Bournemouth University on 8th July 2016. Participants will be provided with:

 *   Overnight stay in Bournemouth and an evening meal with the research team on 7th July 2016

 *   A one day course on how to use the educational resources with students for the OCR unit or for other topics in A Level Media

 *   Access to an online course running in two stages – September and October 2016  (working with the resources in the classroom)

All of the above is free; those attending need only find funding for travel. The venue and hotel are walking distance from Bournemouth station.

Please click here to register and for more information.

Registration for the event will close on 1 July 2016.

2. BFI Media Conference 30 June/1 July

Bookings are now open with an early bird discount! Please see here for ticket information and to download a full programme.

3. Anyone in Birmingham interested in a session on regulation? Joe Stevens is planning to set one up involving a Q&A with David Buckingham. Contact him on