News Archive February 2016

Final Content for Subject criteria published

Following a long wait, the government has today published the final criteria for film studies and media studies at GCSE and A level, for specifications which will start in September 2017.

The subject content for GCSE can be accessed here and for AS and A level here

The government response to the consultations for all subjects can be downloaded here. This details the objections raised by those who contributed to the consultation and the government’s responses. Thank you to everyone who sent in responses, even if most of what you said has been ignored!

Finally, the document on the potential impact of changes on those groups with protected characteristics (i.e. equality impact) is here.

Overall, The MEA takes the view that these outcomes are no surprise, but they are disappointing nonetheless. There are some total absurdities in the documents which claim to have the support of stakeholders, which we would strongly dispute. Nonetheless, we know that we will have to live with these versions of the subjects in the coming years and that the exam boards will need to try to negotiate a way through them.

Expect some critiques both here and on the blogs of leading media educationalists in the coming weeks!