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Good News 6 – Paul Cooke, Shrewsbury Sixth Form College

Today we continue ‘Good News’, our series of testimonials from former GCSE and ‘A’ Level Media and Film studies students, telling us about some of the fantastic things they have achieved in the creative industries and beyond.

Our latest edition comes in the form of a letter we received from Paul Cooke, who studied A Level Media studies at Shrewsbury Sixth Form College, and in the following decade has established a career as an Assistant Producer and Researcher.

Paul on set in Narrabi, Australia, working for the Discovery Science Channel

Paul on set in Narrabri, Australia, working for the Discovery Science Channel

I could write about how vital the study of the media is in allowing us to interpret and deconstruct contemporary society, giving us a lens with which to view the human condition in the 21st century. But that much is plainly obvious. Instead, I will take a more personal line.

Media Studies changed my life.

I studied A-Level Media Studies at Shrewsbury Sixth Form College from 2003-04, gaining a grade A and sparking my love of filmmaking.

Ten years, a physics degree, a masters degree, many films and millions of viewers later – I am still enamoured with filmmaking. I work as an Assistant Producer and Edit Producer, mostly in factual TV. I have worked on series such as BBC Horizon and shows for international networks such as Discovery, National Geographic and History, and have had short films screened at festivals here in the UK.

The fact that I have found a career I love, and that every day I am thankful that my work is my passion, is down to my experience making student films for my A-Level Media Studies course – my realisation that this was what I wanted to do and what I could do. Without that A-level course I would not be doing the job I do today – part of an industry where the UK is still very much a world-player.