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Good News – Becca Todd, Burnham Grammar School

Good News is our series of testimonials from ex-Media and Film students, praising some of the things they’ve achieved in the creative industries and beyond.¬†Becca Todd has certainly taken her AS Level in Media Studies from Burnham Grammar School in Buckinghamshire beyond the areas of work you might expect – She’s moved out to New Zealand and started up her own women’s football coaching company, Futbolistas.

Futbolistas was started in 2008 to provide football coaching specifically for girls, to give them more ‘time on the ball’ than they get in mixed sex matches. Becca has run courses in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and even Ghana, as well as being a concierge for the Colombian football team at the 2012 London Olympics. Becca is also a former ambassador for the FA, appearing on their Football Futures liaison committee in 2011.

Following completing her AS Level in Media, Becca secured a place at Exeter University, Graduating in Exercise and Sports Science. She was frequently commended for her efforts as a Volunteer and Manager in sports societies, so much so that she was shortlisted to be a torch bearer from the 2012 Olympics! Becca is a fantastic example of how the skills acquired in Media Studies can translate into achievements far outside the creative world and into the national and international community.