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WANTED! Teachers, trainee teachers and others with an interest in media education

The University of Leicester is testing an online course on media education. The course is aimed at raising awareness of discrimination online. Designed by the University of Florence and Media Animation, Belgium, the online learning platform aims to provide educators, or anyone with an interest in media education, the tools they need to address these issues in the classroom.

What you get:

· Early access to an online resource that addresses a range of aspects of media education and discrimination including news production, computer games and online activism

· A certificate from the University of Florence confirming your participation in the course and counting towards CPD

· Access to a network of other teachers and trainee teachers interested in media education through the online platform

· A chance to help shape future media education tools

 What we need:

· A commitment to undertake 10 hours of self-training on the online platform between May and July 2014

· Attendance at two, two-hour meetings in Leicester University introducing the project and gathering your feedback.

The first meeting is on the evening of Wednesday 2 April 2014 and the second is on the evening of Wednesday 2 July 2014. Some limited funds for travel expenses are available. If you are unable to commit to these dates but are willing to commit to an alternative date or are prepared to give feedback online (email or Skype) then feel free to get in touch.

What next?:

Email Dr Benjamin Lee at the University of Leicester:

Funded through the European Commission’s DAPHNE program, the E-Engagement Against Violence Project (EEAV) aims to raise awareness of discrimination through digital media amongst both students and educators.

For more information about the EEAV project see: