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MEA executive meeting 22 May minutes

English and Media Centre


1. Minutes of last meeting were agreed as a true record. All matters arising below.
2. Attendees: Pete Fraser (Chair) Jon Wardle (Treasurer) Jenny Grahame, Ian Wall, John Potter (Trustees) Kate Domaille, Andy Phillipson, Melissa Lowndes and via Skype: Julian McDougall, Sarah Mumford

3. CFSA feedback – John Potter reported back on this meeting, notably in managing to get the word ‘media’ into the response to the National Curriculum!

4. Annual Trustee report and current accounts

The report for 2012 was accepted; Jon Wardle reported on the current state of accounts: we have £20,774 in the account. Since the turn of the year we have spent £1,427 on running the association (auditors, tax etc) local groups and expenses. In 2012 we spent around £8,000. At the current rate of 2013 expenditure we will spend less than that this year. We also have income from KD (see item 11)

5. Spirit of 13 project: Julian asked people to publicise this through networks (see The aim is for judging of entries to happen in the Autumn and an event nearer Christmas with MEA co-sponsorship.

6. ATOM conference in Australia: MEA has granted Pete £500 in expenses to attend this event and set up teacher networks between UK and Australian teachers.

7. possible Book Launch Event for ‘Current Perspectives’

This book is edited by PF and JW and features contributions from MEA executive members and others. It was agreed to consider a launch event in the summer.

8. PICTFOR rep

This group used to be known as APMLG and has been dormant for some while.
Melissa volunteered to become the MEA rep.

9. Regional Arts Council bridge agencies

Sarah explained the function of these and their role in relation to Film. Julian agreed to look into links with them and Ian to use his contacts to try to get us an invite to their next steering group. Action: Julian, Ian

10. MEA bursaries and discounts: a reminder that MEA members can get discounts for the Media Education summit and teachers having papers accepted for the summit can get a bursary for a ticket.

11. BFI Supportive Curriculum for Film Academy: Kate added further detail to
the paper circulated prior to the meeting regarding the BFI Supportive
Curriculum Project and the role of MEA as a steering group. She reported
that Jenny had already provided both steering advice by telephone and in an
extended meeting. There had also been involvement earlier in May with Sarah
Mumford’s input on Bridging Organisations and the Arts Award agenda. As
outlined in Kate’s bid to the BFI, £2000 was given to the MEA at this
meeting for continuation of support, guidance and feedback on the quality
assurance of the final document. Jenny Grahame would attend an interim
meeting with partners next week, in support and Kate will circulate the
final document for comment along with a list of accounts.

12. Film Nation: we discussed a paper from Leigh Thomas outlining their strategy. After some discussion, we agreed to write to Leigh asking for further information on their education proposals and to set up a meeting involving some MEA exec members and Film nation. Action: Pete

13. Event for media education: Brian Mulligan attended for this item. Several comedy stars have offered to support media education as part of the arts and cultural education campaigns, perhaps with some kind of event. We discussed initial ideas for this, possibly looking at using BAFTA for an early evening. Ian agreed to approach BAFTA re- availability. Jon agreed to draft some ideas, including reasons to support media education. Action; Jon, Ian

14. AOB: we felt that another November one day conference at the BFI should run, so Kate agreed to draft some plans and talk to the BFI about a date. Action: Kate



MEA Executive meeting 22 May

The agenda for the MEA executive on 22 May 5.30-9.30pm in London is below. Any non-executive members who would like to attend please e-mail

1. Minutes of last meeting
2. matters arising
3. CFSA feedback
4. Annual Trustee report and current accounts
5. Spirit of 13 project
6. ATOM conference in Australia
7. possible Book Launch Event for ‘Current Perspectives’
8. PICTFOR rep
9. Regional Arts Council bridge agencies
10. MEA bursaries and discounts
11. BFI Supportive Curriculum for Film Academy
12. Film Nation
13. Celebrity support event for media education
14. AOB